Founder's Story

Hi, I’m Dami Junaid and I’m the founder of Talojẹ́

I'm a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who was born in Nigeria but have also lived her formative years in Niger Republic, England, USA, and Canada. My diverse upbringing has shaped my multicultural perspective, and has informed how I show up in the world. As a result, inclusivity and multicultural appreciation are important to me as it creates opportunities to expand one’s worldview. 

I created Talojẹ́ to share my multicultural values and capture a sense of belonging through the authentic expression of my global, fluid identity. I want to redefine what’s perceived as “mainstream” fashion styles, which are typically representative of Western culture. 

My intention is to convey the influences we all have through Talojẹ́'s pieces and make space for everyone to also express and appreciate different cultures.

From an appreciation of my Nigerian roots to my love for Bollywood and Indian culture, Talojẹ́ is a celebration of all the various cultural values that have made me into who I am today. My designs for Talojẹ́, while shared through the lens of an African, will be inspired and evolve to integrate my diverse experiences and love for other cultures from around the world — including those I’ve lived within and have an appreciation for. 

Brand Story

Talojé is a Yoruba (Nigerian) phrase that translates to “Who are you?”. 

Inspired by this phrase, Talojé is a brand centered around identity and an individual’s freedom to evolve into who they’re becoming. Talojé celebrates identity free of judgement, stereotypes or rules for how one should be according to their race, gender, or career. To us, identity is fluid, and doesn’t have to fit in a box under one description or look.   

Talojé celebrates this fluidity through clothing that integrates fabrics and designs through a multicultural lens rather than a Western one. Much of mainstream fashion right now integrates Western styles and fabrics, and is not inclusive of fashions from Africa, Asia, and other regions of the world. At Talojé, we value multiculturalism and serve as a channel for customers to express this appreciation through our garments. 

Talojé’s designs are handmade in Nigeria through ethical manufacturing and labor practices. Our future collections will hold true to our Nigerian roots while integrating styles and fabrics from other cultures around the world such as India, Korea and more. Our designs are intentionally crafted and produced — we are not a fast fashion brand and instead, focus on quality, ethical manufacturing practices, and compensating our craftspeople fairly. 

Our customers are invited to follow Talojé’s journey of becoming — we love sharing how our collections are made from ideation, production, to delivery and hope that our garments encourage you to explore your identity, express your most authentic self, and connect with our multicultural world at large.