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I'm Dami, a Third Culture Kid (TCK) and the founder of Talojé - a blog, fashion line & podcast exploring the complexities of identity.


Talojé is a Yoruba (Nigerian) phrase that translates to “Who are you?”. As a TCK, this is a question I've constantly had to grapple with. If you've ever struggled with an identity crisis, a sense of belonging or have been placed in a box, Talojé is the space for you.


Talojé is a brand that elevates the multifaceted identities of individuals by empowering them to break out boxes and recognize that they are more than one story...

Dami Junaid




Genesis Collection '21

Talojé designs are handmade in Nigeria through ethical manufacturing and labor practices. Our future collections will hold true to our Nigerian roots while integrating styles and fabrics from other cultures around the world. 

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